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​​​In an effort to advance our goal to support underprivileged children, A-STEMplus offers a large variety of high quality after-school, in-class and internet enrichment programs.

We contract with a large number of enrichment providers in order to reach the largest number of underserved children possible.  For more information on an individual provider, simply click on their name.

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Education Unlimited

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Watch for more quality programming to come in the very near future.

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Statement of Purpose


With the benefit of government grants, private donations and parent paid programming, A-STEM Plus is providing opportunities to low income families and underfunded school districts.

We offer both individual scholarships and entire enrichment programs to schools with little or no extracurricular budget.

Gary Fonseca, President


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At A-STEM plus, we love children . . . all children.  With that in mind, we want to see that all children have the same opportunities.  Among those opportunities is the ability to participate in after-school enrichment programs.

 A-STEMplus has taken on the challenge of helping children from families who are unable to afford the cost of extracurricular programming. A-STEMplus has made scholarships available for a number of high quality programs.  To apply for a scholarship, please go to our "Contact Us" page and send us a message stating your desire for a scholarship.  Simply let us know which program you desire and in which city you live.  If there is a program in your area, we will send you a scholarship application.

* Scholarships are awarded based on financial need. Verification will be requested.      


Work with enough children and you will see that gifted minds are not exclusive to well funded families.  Enrichment programs abound for those who can afford them, but are missed opportunities for those who can't.  A-STEMplus was established to offer assistance to those underserved children.