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Our History

A+ Summer High School by Education Unlimited

    "The best feature of the camp was the teachers. They are very passionate about what they do. Camp was very college-like. I felt like I was a Stanford student. I would recommend the program because it's a real college experience that every kid should have. At first I thought it was just sleep away school, but I was pleasantly surprised. Compared to other academic camps this was the best by FAR! The Critical Reading Instructor had the ability to get into everything he teaches. If I was a principal, I would fight to get him."
                                Evan Staggs, A+ High School participant  


"My overall experience was great.  I've come to a better understanding f the material.  My tutors, Ashley and Gianni, were very nice and smart.  My SAT grade increased by about 20 points."                   K. Gray  -  Monroe, North Carolina


Leveling the Playing Field for Underprivileged Children!

      After thirty plus years in the printing industry, it felt like time to retire. My idea of retiring was to bring to a close that which

I had been doing for so many years and turn my sights toward something that would have a benefit to society. I turned my

printing business over to my son, and began looking for new direction.
      My wife, Susan, is the owner of Mad Science of the Bay Area. While looking for an opportunity to share my business

experience in a beneficial way, I decided to give a bit of my time to my wife’s business. After seeing her company from this

new perspective, I noticed that there were a number of schools where she was not involved. I asked her why, and was

surprised at the simplicity of her answer. "It’s the demographics. The families whose children attend these schools, and the

schools themselves cannot afford our program."
      That statement hit hard. How could it be fair for a child to miss an opportunity because of a lack of funds? How many of these children may become our greatest scientific minds if given the chance? I had found a place to put my experience to work, and began by creating Science Matters Foundation.

      Science Matters Foundation began as a means of creating scholarships.  It was a great idea and it was working, except the volume of scholarships being created was so small.  Our size greatly restricted our ability to increase our scholarship giving.  A new model was created.  Along with this came our new name.

      A-STEMplus was born.  With each new enrichment provider, we are multiplying our giving power.  We have also broadened our areas of service.  Now, rather than a focus on science only, we are able to help children in all areas of education, the arts and sports.  Watch us grow, but more importantly, watch the number of children who benefit from our program dramatically increase.